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 Enterprise Challenge

Blythswood Enterprise Challenge WinnerBlythswood Enterprise Challenge Winner



Eco Schools Bronze AwardEco Schools Bronze Award


Pickhill Church of England School

Sports Premium


Suggested use of Funding

What we have done 2014-15        

Hiring specialist PE teachers or

Qualified sports coaches to work with primary teachers when teaching PE.

Specialist PE teacher were hired for KS2

Staff were trained in rugby and skipping. 


Impact: Improved staff knowledge.

Supporting and engaging the least active children through new clubs.

The following after school clubs have been introduced this year to support and engage the least active children:

  • Gymnastics 
  • Multi Skills
  • Rugby 
  • Cricket


Impact: At least 50% of the school attend weekly.

Paying for professional development

Opportunities for teachers in PE and sport

and providing cover to release primary teachers

for professional development in PE and sport.

Staff skipping training was led by 'Skipping4Schools'. 

Staff are developing skills and knowledge through sport-specific courses where appropriate. 





Impact: Progression of skills

Running sport competitions, and increasing pupils’

 participation in the School Games.

The children have participated in cluster competitions where appropriate.

 Improved sports day which was designed for the children to work in teams to improve tema work. Less focus on the individual child. 

Impact: 2 children qualified for cluster cross county final.

Improved team work.

Improved participation in activities. 

Buying quality assured professional development

modules or materials for PE and sport.

We have invested in new games resources to accompany curriculum lessons. 

We have invested in new cameras to evidence activities, new cd/mp3 players to use in dance, skipping ropes, benches, new sports bags for each child. 

A range of equipment o help develop skills as well as to help all pupils engage successfully in physical activity. 

We ahve also invsted in new PE resources especially gymnastic equipment. 

Impact: Children learning new skills and sports.

Impact: All children can skip with a rope. 

Pooling the additional funding with that of other

 local schools.

We are engaged in the Thirsk cluster agreement for inter school competitions.

Impact: Children participating with other schools.


Our aims for 2015-16 are:

  1. To further raise standards in PE across the school through high quality teaching.
  2. Continue to improve PE resources.
  3. PE specialist to work with KS2 and KS1.
  4. To further raise the participation levels of pupils taking part in a competitive sporting activity either in cluster events or after school sports club.
  5. To become fully involved in the Bedale Cluster sports programme. 
  6. Improve behaviour through participation in team games.